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The Every Kid Should Have a Pet Program

Children facing a catastrophic illness or situation can really use a friend to provide unconditional love and tenderness. Parents do their job to provide love, shelter, security, and the means to fight an illness. A pet can sometimes provide just enough extra love and responsibility to help a child get over the unhappiness of the day to day dealing with an illness. Our goal is to provide a cat or kitten to any kid who could benefit and support a pet. The foundation will raise the cats, secure all shots and medical costs initially, and try to match the child with the right animal.
If you know of a child who could benefit from having a pet we would like you to please complete the attached form and fax it to our office at 585-589-7192.

Download & Print the Pet Donation Application

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Initial and follow-up assistance is available to monitor the program and access the progress of the relationship between the children and his or her new pet.

Upon completion of the form above, you will be contacted for additional information.

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